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Removing Fears, Enabling Success, and Increasing Sales While Having Fun for 31 Years


What Results Do You Need Today?

1. Increase your sales 25% to over 300% this year.
2. Make winning presentations to close sales easier.
3. Build Powerful rapport with anyone in seconds.
4. Close much faster and easier while the clients feel more relaxed.
5. Have more fun cold calling and prospecting.
6. Set more appointments with ease.
7.Quickly eliminate fears and self defeating behaviors.


Contact us at 503 208 2739      Email  tcaddy@nmacorp.com


I have been tripling in my seminar closes!

Damian Rothermel
Rothermel Financial Services llc

By using your unique techniques of "Persuasive Communication" we closed a $10,000 deal on the first visit! Your training really works!
My salespeople tell me that a direct result of your training has been a positive change of attitude and that body pacing and reading their clients’ decision making order has become second nature to them.

Tom Ludwig

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